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Our curated brands for your home

Welcome to our place

Antonia'z is about the art of domestic life. It's a story of pure, comfortable living. Soft furnishings for your home and comfortable, elegant clothing to create in your house a homely, personal space, to unwind your senses and relax.

In our store we offer curated brands with a story to tell. A story of beautiful products for you and your home, designed and made with great care from soft, pure materials, to enhance your comfort and wellbeing.

The brands we work with have all in common: craftsmanship and quality. And also some basic elements we consider conditional: working with respect for people and environment. All in their own unique way and creating products with an own unique style. Zest, flavouring life, caring, enjoy. We are very happy to introduce to you the brands you can find in our store.

With our store and the brands we carry, we want to inspire you and share our zest for life.

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