Toockies handmade soapbag

An organic, handmade soap bag for a zero waste bath. Combine the gentle exfoliating effect of the cotton yarn with the possibility to use up all of your favourite soap.

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Due to the raw and untreated quality of the yarn, the soap bag has a mild abrasive effect, leaving your skin soft and refereshed. Made of 100% cotton from a GOTS certified mill in India.Machine wash up to 90 degrees Celsius.

Plastic free
Durable and reusable
Compostable and recycles as potting mesh
Environmentally-friendly and socially responsible
Fair trade
Supporting women in rural areas outside Kolkata in India

About the Toockies project:
The woman who crocheted the soap bag lives in a small tribal village, located outside of Kolkate. Manu of the families are farmers and cultivating rice fields is their only source of income. The Toockies program is created to empower women. By participating in the program, they can take charge of their own lives as they can work and earn money independently of their husbands. They will often use this money to secure a better future for their children. Lavinia Trade is a member of Fairtrade Denmark which ensures the women receive a fair wage and good working conditions.