Joha woman wool t-shirt Cecilie cream

Singlet made of 85% merinowool en 15% silk. The wool feels soft and is highly absorbant. Wool regulates the bodytemperature. Machinewash at 40°C.

€ 34,95
Price per unit

The wool is 100% merinowool, which is comfortable, soft, does not itch your skin and yet has all the good qualities of wool. Wool regulates the bodytemperature. It feels nice and warm when it is cold and it cools when it is warm. Wool is highly absorbant, it absorbs up to 40% it's own weight in water. For comparison, cotton can only absorp about 8%. 

The singlet can be machine washed at 40°C, with a detergent specific for woolwash. Preferably use woolwash cycle. You might want to use a small laundry bag. Dryer safe. Stretch into shape when wet.  

About Joha:
Joha has produced woolen underwear for more than 50 years. Next to an extensive collection for baby's and children, Joha has a collection for adults. Joha produces according the following standards: 
- EU ECOLABEL, this certificate is permitted to companies who can document that they produce in accordance with the environmental standards of the EU.
- The Woolmark Company, this certificate guarantees that only the best and purest wool is used.
- The Animal Welfare certificate, this certificate demands a good treatment of the sheep and does not allow any mulesing.