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Toockies Circulation Gloves

Toockies Circulation Gloves

Circulation Gloves are great scrubbing gloves, handcrafted from organic cotton

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Circulation gloves increase blood circulation of the skin and remove dead skin cells. They provide the ultimate luxury scrub when taking a bath or shower, and are also suitable for dry scrubbing. The texture and feel of the cotton weave ensures you can scrub without scratching the surface of your skin. Great as a gift, or to keep for yourself.

100% organic cotton
Size: 20 cm x 10 cm
Stretch fit

About Toockies®
Toockies® products are functional, long lasting and reliable. After much use, when they finally wear down, they are compostable. They are handcrafted by poor women in India, desperate for a dignified way to earn money. In Nababpur, over 230 women are encouraged and trained to create Toockies® products. Most knitters work from home, as they are culturally required to take care of their homes and families. The Toockies® project makes a difference by empowering these women to take charge of their own destiny. Toockies® are an alternative to disposable housewares that benefits the user, women in India, and the planet.

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